Why sending Kids to Tuition is considered essential in Singapore

There is no denying the fact that for normal parents with multiple kids in Singapore, sending all to tuition centres is pretty expensive. There is sometimes competition amongst the siblings as which one is in need of tuition at this point in time keeping in view his/her interests and academia. One who is slow and struggle to learn is thus selected to be the one who is to be sent to the tuition centre so to polish his/her skills and work hard.

Keeping above in view, it is normal notion in Singapore that parents think only academically weak student is in need to tuition, where those who are doing good, need not to go and attend extra tuition; whereas reality is different. In fact all students can greatly benefit from secondary English tuition centres.

Why it is essential to send all students to tuition centres, here are some of the points:

  • The level of competition in tuition centres is more when compared with school environment. In tuition centres, students are showing more interests towards learning because each student get independent attention. They can also learn to work in groups and do their homework together. Also if a child is going to tuition with siblings, then in case of his/her illness, brother or sister can look after his missed lecture which is unlikely in schools.
  • It is easier for parents to send that One child to tuition centre in case they are unable to send all kids together due to financial issues. It is also true for rest of the siblings it is like a punishment or reward for that one child who is being sent to the tuition centre all alone. Thus, parents can easily justify their decision to their kids.
  • Kids at all stages of their academic need push to move forward. It is possible that career goals of kids are set no matter to which discipline they belong to, sending just one child would be bad for others. Since all kids need to some direction and motivation to move ahead. So, tuitions make it easier for kids to learn and enhance their learning.
  • The class size of the classrooms in tuition centres is small with small group of students, thus teacher is able to pay and treat each student equal. Thus students also feel encouraged and all powered to take on their assignment and to study. This way learning chances are more and students are also able to retain whatever they study in that environment. On the other hand, classroom in normal schools are not that big and there are large number of students in that one room. Technically it is not possible for teacher to treat all students equally and also due to time constraint, all queries and issues of the students cannot be entertained in that time.

There are some students who are always creating troubles and not paying any attention towards their studies, then there are students who do not want to learn at all and still others who are so active in learning that they tease others who get free. So, parents need to realise that the importance of sending kids to tuition centres for their better future.

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