Our Services

SERVICES: Each year we offer certain opportunities to our members through our chapter. The Autism Support of Southeast Texas was created to improve access to autism information and community resources, parent-professional collaboration, and social support for families of persons with autism. Parents, family members, educators, health professionals, and all other interested community members are encouraged to use our services.

  • Monthly Meetings: ASSET seeks to strengthen and expand support to our community. We supply speakers, childcare with food and activities, refreshments for meeting participants and facility rental.
  • Social Outings: We plan and fund Social Outings for our chapter throughout the year. Many of our families do not venture out into the public due to their child’s behavior. When we go as a group our families are surrounded by other families affected by the same issues and can offer support.
  • Stipends: We also offer financial assistance to local trainings and to the Texas State Autism Conference to facilitate treatment for those with ASD.
  • Newsletter: ASSET produces a quarterly newsletter, Inspiration, highlighting the latest autism information; support groups meeting times, autism-related services, education and training opportunities, and upcoming events in our area.