Early Education: Concerns and Advantages of Nursery School

Many parents in Singapore believe these ideas that preschooling their child helps them prepare for the primary school and the earlier this schooling starts is better for the children. There is a surge of Singapore nursery schools popping up on every street to cope with demand. This competition is increasing by the day.

What are they doing in nursery?

At this tender age children learn through play. They are busy imagining, wondering and simply perplexed by their own worlds and still learning new things every day, instead of us dragging them out of that and inculcating counting, phonics and letter names. Whatever happened to their exploring world through their own terms, tri-cycling in the play area or digging for fossils in the sand box? The world is harsher than they expected with no colors and flavors but just a monotonous one two and three.

What do the child development experts say?

Children need to have fun, while they study because this is how they learn. Omitting play based schools will have dire consequences for our children because it strips them off of their imagination, creativity and critical thinking. The children of today are the future of tomorrow, when such children will grow into the individuals, it would immensely affect their individuality, social capacity, employee work and ultimately the whole of society. The democracy will be according to their terms which would be rather grave, should this continue.

Experts have created a coalition of their ideas in a program namely, defending the Early Years. According to this, a child should have an environment of learning which is not teacher centered, consists of routine memorization, consistent tests and assessments, but should be with more hands on activities, social interaction, and sensory play and should be based most importantly on play and exploration.

Dangers of early schooling

While the notion that early education is important exists there is no ground breaking evidence to prove it. Instead, it is causing small children to be stressed which eventually leads to early depression and ultimately deteriorating health issues. Along with this, children are more frustrated and anxious. This has been proven to make them eventually drop out from school, especially true with boys. Early schooling does not give an edge to the student in later parts of his life as it is believed.

Children who are already frustrated and depressed become adults who have problems with themselves and the society and may find themselves at the wrong side of law as well.

It needs to be understood that young children need a nurturing environment both at home and school that have tremendous amount of play and activities that drive their interest. No one likes a one way teaching system where the teachers talk and students listen. These things need to be understood if good and responsible individuals are to be made in the society.

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