Tips for Choosing a Child Care Centre in Singapore

Singapore has more than two hundred childcare centres, with some large enough to accommodate a thousand children. Finding and securing a spot in these childcare centres is a nightmare for most parents. Since a working mother has a minimum of twelve weeks maternity leave, she may be forced to look for a childcare centre that can adequately cater for the needs of a three-month-old baby.  

Some parents can afford to spend more time with their children, and so seek childcare services when the children are a little older. Whatever the age of the child, a childcare centre is entrusted with the care of a child in the period the parent is away, and all parents want to make sure their children are in the best care possible:

Does the Childcare Centre Have Ideal Facilities for Your Child?

When looking for a childcare centre, it is easier to identify one when you have a list of things your child needs. Children of different age group have different needs. For example, if you are a new mother who is going back to work after twelve weeks, you need a facility that has a clean, safe area for infants to rest, minders who understand and are patient with children, and one that meets your child’s dietary needs. If you have a toddler, you should also seek a centre with adequate facilities that your child will enjoy.

What is Your Budget?

In Singapore, childcare is not cheap. Even though the number of children in childcare centres doubled in the past decade, and the number of centres increased significantly, the cost remained relatively high.

The cost of childcare varies significantly, depending on the childcare centre. Some places charge as little as $300 a month, while others can go as high as $3000 monthly. Having a budget will help you decide where you can afford to take your child. Fortunately, the government of Singapore gives childcare subsidies if you enroll in a childcare centre licensed by Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA).

Where is it Located?

The location of the childcare centre matters a lot. The distance you have to cover every time you drop and pick your child has an impact on your expenses and schedule. Is it on your way to work? How quickly can you get to the centre in case of an emergency? These are critical questions you need to answer when looking for a childcare centre. A conveniently located centre is not just great for you, but your child too.

What is the Child to Staff Ratio?

This is critical, especially in the large childcare centres found in densely populated areas. Although the size of the facility matters, it is equally important to look at the number of caregivers against the number of children. The ECDA guidelines recommend a staff-to-child ration of 1:5. This essentially means there should be one caregiver for every five children. Some centres have a lower ratio, or less than five children per caregiver.  

Besides Childcare, What Other Services are Offered?

Childcare services have become quite competitive in Singapore. These facilities package their services differently to attract parents seeking more than childcare. For example, besides ensuring your child is safe when in the facility, some centres provide a curriculum to enhance your child’s linguistic, cognitive, and social development. Education in Singapore is quite competitive, even in children in kindergarten. This has made it necessary for parents to give their children basic training. Childcare centres offering a curriculum help to prepare your child for school.

Finding a childcare facility can be overwhelming, especially for first-time parents. However, when you have a list of what you expect from a childcare centre, it will be easier to narrow down your options.

Differentiating Child Care, Preschool and Kindergarten

These three terms are confusing to many Singaporean parents, especially first-time parents. The early years of a child’s life is a learning phase for most parents who are discovering things they never knew existed and wouldn’t be any wiser had it not been for their child.

Sometimes the difficulty in understanding the differences arises from the fact that these terms are sometimes used interchangeably. Understanding the difference between preschools, kindergartens and Singapore childcare centres will make it easier for parents to decide what they need and make timely decisions on when they need these services.


In Singapore, this term refers to an institution that prepares a child for school. Such a facility offers early childhood education and keeps children engaged and safe. In this case, a parent gets a facility that cares for children and at the same time, has early learning programs that prepare children mentally and intellectually for school. Preschool programs are available in childcare centres and kindergartens.

Since both the kindergarten and childcare centres provide similar services, how do they differ?

The Kindergarten and Childcare Centres Enrol Children of Different Age Groups

This is one of the primary distinctions between a kindergarten and a childcare centre. Most childcare centres take in children who are one and a half years old to 6-years old. Of course, infant care services are also available. However, toddlers tend to be hyperactive, and parents send them to childcare centres to keep them busy and also provide them with an opportunity for early childhood learning.

Kindergartens, on the other hand, only admit children between 3-6 years of age. Parents with younger children are naturally not expected to take them to a kindergarten, but should instead opt for a childcare centre.

Different Operating Times

Childcare centres offer parents greater flexibility when it comes to duration of stay at the facility. It is, however, important to note that childcare centres determine their schedules. You’ll, therefore, find some that open earlier than others, while others remain open till late.

Most childcare centres operate between 7 am and 7 pm. This gives parents who have an early start the chance to drop their children early. Likewise, those who leave work late can plan to pick their children by 7 pm.

Childcare centres also offer an option of leaving the child for half the day or full-day care. If you are considering care for half the day, you can opt for the morning or afternoon session. Most childcare centres remain closed over the weekend, but some operate until 1 pm.

Besides the structured timing, some centres offer greater flexibility where the parent’s schedule dictates how long a child stays at the centre.

Kindergartens, on the other hand, have specific timings, with most operating for three hours a day during the week. Some have classes between 8 am, and 11 am, while others have three hours set aside in the afternoon.

Different Teaching Styles

Kindergartens tend to have academic programs to prepare children for formal education. Childcare centres, on the other hand, have greater flexibility in the approach they use. For example, some centres use specific teaching styles, such as Montessori, Waldorf or Reggio Emilia. Others use a mixed-method, including the local curriculum to ensure a smooth transition into formal education. The education styles in childcare centres also tend to be play-based.

Meal Provision

Since kindergartens are open for a few hours a day, children only get a snack. Childcare centres provide at least two meals and two snacks. Children who attend half-day sessions get to have a meal and snack, while those that attend the full-day sessions have both meals and snacks.

Although both the kindergarten and childcare centres cater for the educational needs of young children, the range of services offered varies significantly. These differences will help you decide if you need a childcare centre or kindergarten for your child.

Early Education: Concerns and Advantages of Nursery School

Many parents in Singapore believe these ideas that preschooling their child helps them prepare for the primary school and the earlier this schooling starts is better for the children. There is a surge of Singapore nursery schools popping up on every street to cope with demand. This competition is increasing by the day.

What are they doing in nursery?

At this tender age children learn through play. They are busy imagining, wondering and simply perplexed by their own worlds and still learning new things every day, instead of us dragging them out of that and inculcating counting, phonics and letter names. Whatever happened to their exploring world through their own terms, tri-cycling in the play area or digging for fossils in the sand box? The world is harsher than they expected with no colors and flavors but just a monotonous one two and three.

What do the child development experts say?

Children need to have fun, while they study because this is how they learn. Omitting play based schools will have dire consequences for our children because it strips them off of their imagination, creativity and critical thinking. The children of today are the future of tomorrow, when such children will grow into the individuals, it would immensely affect their individuality, social capacity, employee work and ultimately the whole of society. The democracy will be according to their terms which would be rather grave, should this continue.

Experts have created a coalition of their ideas in a program namely, defending the Early Years. According to this, a child should have an environment of learning which is not teacher centered, consists of routine memorization, consistent tests and assessments, but should be with more hands on activities, social interaction, and sensory play and should be based most importantly on play and exploration.

Dangers of early schooling

While the notion that early education is important exists there is no ground breaking evidence to prove it. Instead, it is causing small children to be stressed which eventually leads to early depression and ultimately deteriorating health issues. Along with this, children are more frustrated and anxious. This has been proven to make them eventually drop out from school, especially true with boys. Early schooling does not give an edge to the student in later parts of his life as it is believed.

Children who are already frustrated and depressed become adults who have problems with themselves and the society and may find themselves at the wrong side of law as well.

It needs to be understood that young children need a nurturing environment both at home and school that have tremendous amount of play and activities that drive their interest. No one likes a one way teaching system where the teachers talk and students listen. These things need to be understood if good and responsible individuals are to be made in the society.

Why sending Kids to Tuition is considered essential in Singapore

There is no denying the fact that for normal parents with multiple kids in Singapore, sending all to tuition centres is pretty expensive. There is sometimes competition amongst the siblings as which one is in need of tuition at this point in time keeping in view his/her interests and academia. One who is slow and struggle to learn is thus selected to be the one who is to be sent to the tuition centre so to polish his/her skills and work hard.

Keeping above in view, it is normal notion in Singapore that parents think only academically weak student is in need to tuition, where those who are doing good, need not to go and attend extra tuition; whereas reality is different. In fact all students can greatly benefit from secondary English tuition centres.

Why it is essential to send all students to tuition centres, here are some of the points:

  • The level of competition in tuition centres is more when compared with school environment. In tuition centres, students are showing more interests towards learning because each student get independent attention. They can also learn to work in groups and do their homework together. Also if a child is going to tuition with siblings, then in case of his/her illness, brother or sister can look after his missed lecture which is unlikely in schools.
  • It is easier for parents to send that One child to tuition centre in case they are unable to send all kids together due to financial issues. It is also true for rest of the siblings it is like a punishment or reward for that one child who is being sent to the tuition centre all alone. Thus, parents can easily justify their decision to their kids.
  • Kids at all stages of their academic need push to move forward. It is possible that career goals of kids are set no matter to which discipline they belong to, sending just one child would be bad for others. Since all kids need to some direction and motivation to move ahead. So, tuitions make it easier for kids to learn and enhance their learning.
  • The class size of the classrooms in tuition centres is small with small group of students, thus teacher is able to pay and treat each student equal. Thus students also feel encouraged and all powered to take on their assignment and to study. This way learning chances are more and students are also able to retain whatever they study in that environment. On the other hand, classroom in normal schools are not that big and there are large number of students in that one room. Technically it is not possible for teacher to treat all students equally and also due to time constraint, all queries and issues of the students cannot be entertained in that time.

There are some students who are always creating troubles and not paying any attention towards their studies, then there are students who do not want to learn at all and still others who are so active in learning that they tease others who get free. So, parents need to realise that the importance of sending kids to tuition centres for their better future.



Children who are able to learn a second language are often brighter and more likely to succeed in life. So, if you want to give your child a head start in life, then you should consider enrolling him into a Chinese Kindergarten.

There your child imaginations will be unlocked. Even more, he will learn how to memorize text and other important information that will be critical for his success in the future.

 The curriculum of most Chinese kindergartens in Singapore is loaded with fun activities that will spur up the genius in your child and open him to greater opportunities in the future.

The following article by mindchamps discusses 3 ways a Chinese kindergarten inculcates the love of Mandarin in your child.


Educating kindergarten kids about Chinese works best when there is the desire to learn. But how do you ensure that your child actually enjoys learning Chinese?  The Chinese language is largely infiltrating large segments of society today. Read more here.

You likely now know how Singapore Chinese kindergarten can inculcate the love of Mandarin in your little one. But do you know that there are some activities that can further spur the love of Chinese in your child? Numerous studies have shown that children learn better when they engage in fun but mentally demanding activities.

The following article by mindchamps shed light on 10 amazing activities that will make your child more inclined to learn Chinese.


 As most kindergarten children tend to communicate with their parents at home in English, their exposure to Mandarin often takes place during Chinese lessons in kindergarten and Chinese enrichment classes during weekends. Read more here.

You surely now know some ten activities that will make your child love learning Chinese during his kindergarten years. Before enrolling your child into any Chinese or regular kindergarten in Singapore, it is important that you first prepare your child. Doing this smoothen your child’s transition into kindergarten.

The following article by Mary Caldwell discusses 6 things your child should know before starting kindergarten.


Basic skills and information

Your child should know some basics that will help kindergarten start more comfortably and easily. They should be able to take turns as well as work and play independently and also be able to say their name, address, and phone number. Read more here.

You probably now know some six important things your child needs to know before starting kindergarten. As a loving and caring parent, you have to know that it is your job to teach your kid these things. Keep in mind that if you don’t teach your kid these things; he/she is going to struggle and strive.

 Final note

Teaching your child a second language should be at the top of your priority because it is going to open him to new opportunities. If you want your child to learn Chinese quicker, then you should consider enrolling him into a Chinese kindergarten.

There, he will be given the opportunity to learn and engage in activities that will make him love the mandarin culture.

Before enrolling your kid into a Chinese kindergarten, it is important that you first teach your child how to pay attention, interact with others and make friends doing this, will help ease your child’s transition into kindergarten.


A guide to choosing from the top ten international schools in Singapore

The fact that there are a lot of international schools in Singapore, makes it very difficult for parents to make a decision. No parent wants to enroll their child in just any school in, rather they want to enroll their child in the best school they can find.

If you are looking for a good IB or international school in Singapore, ISS International School is a good option you should consider. They cater to children from kindergarten through high school age and have holistic programmes with a broad range of learning activities. If you are looking for a global education for your child, do consider ISS International School and view their website here:

Without help, you may not be able to determine if an international school will be able to handle the needs of your child or not.

The following article by David Willows  contains proven tips that are going to guide you when choosing an international school for your children.

A guide to choosing an international school 

When it comes down to it, most of us want the same basic things for our children.

We want them to be safe, happy, to have friends, to do the right thing, to learn something about themselves and the world around them, and to have the best possible future beyond childhood.

Of course, there is much more we might go on to say. We might expect our children to learn a new language, become proficient in the creative arts, grasp an understanding of complex scientific knowledge or lead a team on the sports field. Read more here

You definitely now know some things to consider when choosing an international school for your child. But, do you know that there are certain factors you should consider when choosing a good international school for your child?

The following article by Bipasha Minocha shed light on some 6 important factors you need to consider before choosing an international school for your child.

A guide to choosing an international school in Singapore: 6 factors to consider

The education that our children experience should, therefore, respond to this new reality, the new ‘normal’. Singapore has many international schools offering a range of programmes and philosophical underpinnings. But how do they translate into meaningful outcomes for your family?

Here are 6 factors to consider when making that important decision for your childRead more here

Since you now know some of the important factors you need to consider when choosing an international school for your child. Your attention is next going to be focused on the top international schools in Singapore and their tuition cost.

The following article by imoney shed light on the tuition cost of the top international schools in Singapore.


Top international schools in Singapore and how much they cost

One of the many things that keep parents up at night is the education of their children. Parents who are relocating to a foreign country may find the search for a good school to be a daunting affair. Read more here.

Final note

Enrolling your child in an international school in Singapore is a brilliant idea because he is going to have all the tools he needs to develop and ultimately reach his potential. In the event that you are not abreast with what your child will be exposed to in the various international schools in Singapore, it would be wise for you to do some research.


What Bilingual and Mandarin Schools Could Offer

Mandarin is one of the main languages of Singapore and it is just right for students to also learn and know about this language. There are all-English schools in Singapore, there are all-Mandarin schools, but there are also schools which use both languages in their curriculum. Some parents prefer to prioritize English language for their children, but there are also parents who believe that both are important for their children.

At Chengzhu kindergarten, children will learn Mandarin in an immersive environment that includes music, storytelling, art & craft and develop the confidence to use Mandarin in their daily lives. If you are keen for your child to master Mandarin you should visit their page.

The New Age Parents

Mandarin Based Preschools In Singapore

There has been a growing demand for pre-school education that offers a strong foundation in Chinese. Various centres and kindergartens in Singapore offer bilingual programmes for their students, where Chinese is given equal exposure and importance as English.

Some centres, such as Eton House International at Hwa Chong Institution and Nanyang Kindergarten, offer a pure Mandarin speaking curriculum, where lessons are entirely taught in Mandarin from pre-nursery and nursery classes

We highlight two schools that caught our eye. Read more here.

Two of the Mandarin based preschools are Chengzhu Kindergarten and MindChamps Chinese Preschool. The information about these two schools mentioned above includes bilingual immersion, their curriculum, and other highlights.

Now let us learn more about bilingual schools in Singapore. Sassy Mama will tell us about it.

Bilingual Schools in Singapore: The Sassy Mama Ultimate Guide

            Bilingual Education is a huge perk of living in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual country like Singapore. In addition to its obvious cross-cultural benefits, being bilingual has been shown to have massive social and cognitive benefits as well.

            Studies have shown that people who speak multiple languages have better attention spans and multi-tasking abilities, starting from as young as seven months of age! It can also help stave off dementia and keep minds sharp as people age.

            So we’ve established that bilingualism is clearly awesome, but how best to achieve it if you only speak one language at home? Here in Singapore, the obvious answer is at school. Both local and international schools here are renowned for their language programs, most notably in Mandarin, but each school takes a different approach. Read more here.

The pieces of information above are about what is available and what is offered in bilingual schools at international and preschool levels.  For more information about specific schools, Lynn Wee will tell us about six other bilingual immersion preschools in Singapore that will help your kids love Mandarin.

6 bilingual immersion preschools in Singapore that help your kid love Mandarin

6 bilingual immersion preschools in Singapore

An all-Mandarin preschool programme? The thought of exposing your little ones entirely to this tonal subject in their early years may seem a little daunting.

After all, the majority of preschools here follow Singapore’s bilingual education system closely, where English is the main language of instruction, with an hour or two of Mandarin lessons daily.

But a number of schools now offer programmes that immerse children in a Mandarin-rich environment, not only in terms of academic subjects, but also activities that cultivate a love of Chinese culture.

Dr Lucy Quek, deputy director for early childhood education at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, says that listening to Mandarin continually enables young children to respond naturally and spontaneously. Read more here.

There we have six bilingual immersion preschools in Singapore including some important information about them like their contact number and official website. If you are ever interested in sending your children to one of these schools, then the information provided above would be a big help. This is another great opportunity that is why if you ever got a chance to let your children learn Mandarin, then you should grab it and make the most out of it.

Know These Innovative Techniques to Teach Reading and Writing Chinese to Your Kids

Some facts about Chinese:

Chinese is always seen as a very difficult language. There is a very negative connotation that one associates with the Chinese language. The crucial questions that parents often seem to ask is: Will I be able to teach Chinese to my non-Chinese speaking children? How will I introduce Chinese to my children? The answer is that it is very much possible to teach Chinese to your child at home from a ground zero level.

One good way of introducing Chinese to your children is via Chinese learning enrichment classes for children. One such learning enrichment class is Chengzhu Mandarin Centre. Chengzhu Chinese enrichment classes have been well-received by both young and adult learners, and is the Mandarin branch of the acclaimed Julia Gabriel Learning Centre.

Next, here are some helpful facts about the Chinese language:

Chinese is not the most difficult language in the world: it is often heard that Chinese is the most difficult language in the world. But research has proven that it is quite easy to speak Chinese and if one can learn one to ten in Chinese, it is possible to count till ninety-nine using the same combination.

Chinese is a tonal language—it has four tones and a neutral tone.

The characters in Chinese are not as complicated: it might seem very complicated, but if you know how they are put together, one realizes that Chinese is quite a funny language.

How to teach Chinese to your kids?

Teaching Chinese to your kids can be done at home or through enrichment classes for kids/children. To make it simpler for the child, the parent should understand that Chinese grammar is not as complicated English grammar. Here are some easy ways in which you can teach Chinese to your child:

Youtube videos: Youtube has many learning videos. Hence watching videos on Youtube can be one very good way to teach your child Chinese. Through Youtube videos it is easier to teach your child pronunciations.

Activity books: there are coloring books and other activity books through which you can teach Chinese in an innovative way to your child. Drawing and illustrations is a good way of teaching Chinese to your child.

Enrichment classes: sending your child to a language enrichment class is a good way of making your child learn Chinese. In such classes the child meets other children from different linguistic groups and become open to other cultures as well. Also, their speaking skills get honed as they converse with other children in Chinese.

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Making the Pieces Fit

Our annual golf tournament will be coming up on April 10, 2011. We need everyone’s support in order to make this the best year ever. The information in on the link page. Please feel free to print and distribute as necessary. If you would like to volunteer please contact Susan Ward or Krystle Riley. Their information is on the contact us page.

We currently hold monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of each month. We alternate between Nederland and Beaumont, but we are always looking for new places to meet. We offer general support meetings as well as a variety of topics that pertain to our kids. We would like to go back to offering childcare and if you know anyone who would be willing to help contact us. The meetings usually run from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Refreshments are provided. Please contact us for any more information.