How to choose the right private school in Singapore

The city-state of Singapore is home to a large expat community that thrives amongst the other, vibrant communities and home to many private primary schools singapore. Whether or not your family will be living in Singapore for very long, the islandOs international schools are some of the best in the world. Modern infrastructure and a happy community are two factors that help make SingaporeOs school system consistently ranked in the top global rankings. International schools are considered the best option by many expats relocating to Singapore, and there are several qualities that influence a childOs success at each school. Asking the right questions will help you feel confident in your decision and will allow you to find the right school for your child. Here are some things to consider when choosing the best international school:

1. Curriculum – Will you be living in Singapore for only a few years? Will your child attend school somewhere else, possibly in your familyOs home country? Students need a stable learning environment, and the curriculum taught at their school is fundamental to their learning experience. Secondary schools offer international programmes that help make the transition between schools easier for students, and some schools offer specific curriculum based on a national standard. Ask for specific details of the schoolOs curriculum, and look for accreditation. Learn about the daily routine of students at the school, and how much homework is assigned each day and each week. The schoolOs administration should also have a plan in place for teachers to communicate with parents about their childOs progress, and you should ask questions about this process to learn more about how the school functions.

2. Student body – Are the students happy and excited to be at school? Do the teachers seem enthusiastic to work at the school and to teach the material? Is the schoolOs community diverse and supportive? The globalised economy has created a new style of living for families across the world, and international schools aim to prepare students for the future by supporting a diverse community where new ideas and cultures can be shared. When visiting schools, ask how new families have adjusted to moving to Singapore, and learn about the community of families that go to the school. It is important to understand the energy and environment of the school, and will help you decide if it is a good match for your family.

3. Co-curriculum – Does the school offer sports programmes? What is the emphasis on foreign language development? Are the arts supported at this school? To garner a well-rounded education, students need to explore a diverse range of topics that include other areas of interest outside of core academics. Competitive international schools will provide other learning opportunities outside of the classroom where students can discover new passions and interests.

At the best private schools, the educators are dedicated to providing educational excellence and a stable learning environment for students to develop mentally, emotionally, and academically. The close-knit community at these schoolOs fosters European cultures and traditions, while respecting the childrenOs home languages by offering native language and foreign language programmes for all ages. The goal for every child at SingaporeOs private schools is to gain the best possible education, instilling a passion for learning, appreciation for life, and a moral compass to ensure their future is a success.

Interior Design For Living Rooms

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Making the Pieces Fit

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